Android: Protecting private data with apps

In this article we’ll show you the three best apps for Android that protect private data on your phone. The apps protect private data such as passwords, notes and pictures from spies and data thieves.

Universal Password Manager – Passwords Security App

From now on you only need to remember one password. With this you access the “Universal Password Manager”. This is the easiest way to save your password repertoire. With Dropbox support, you can also access your secrets from your home computer. This will save you the hassle of a password and keep track of all your accounts.

  • Simple and clear design. You can quickly find your way around the password manager.
  • Dropbox support for multi-device users. This allows you, for example, to load existing data from your PC to your smartphone.

Here is a list of the best password manager apps.

Safe n Secure Notes – Private Note App

With “Safe n Secure Notes” you can keep important notes secret. The developers take an intelligent route: When you run the app for the first time, you must enter a numerical code as the security code and your e-mail address. Your security code will then be sent to this address so that you have full access to the app at a later date. To open the application, type the security code with two stars in the phone app. Calling this number will open “Safe n Secure Notes.” This is the only way to open and edit your notes.

  • Your notes are protected from strangers by the call system.
  • Intelligent security system with e-mail protection. The password and all other information will be sent to this address.
  • App does not appear in app drawer. So your friends or strangers will not even be tempted to read your notes.
  • Although the note function is relatively Spartan, it is completely sufficient.

KeepSafe – Protect Personal Android Data

Both embarrassing and very private pictures can protect you from unauthorized persons with this password app. You can easily select images and put them in your “KeepSafe” folder to make them disappear from your “gallery”. Only through the correct password, the images can be viewed.

  • You can either hide individual pictures, videos or whole folders with “KeepSafe“.
  • The operation is simple and self-explanatory, as it follows the well-known folder system.

In the next practical tip, we will show you how to delete redundant Android apps.

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