Bypass Geo-IP blockades successfully

Bypass Geo-IP locks for TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, SkyGo from abroad. For many of my readers it is incomprehensible why you cannot access certain contents from everywhere. These are Geo-IP-blocks which are used. This mostly refers to live TV or video content on media libraries or even commercial video portals such as Netflix, Amazon Video, SkyGo, Maxdome and so on, which release content for various reasons only for limited users.

The reason for this lies in extremely complex copyright contracts. These mostly also determine the broadcasting area of different contents. What used to be simple, namely that TV was only available in certain areas via antennas, has now been completely changed by the Internet. It is almost impossible to predict who will access content and from which country.

Why do copyright holders want to maintain these geographical rules?

The reason is very simple. Once a medium is granted the right to publish content, it could no longer be foreseen whether it will be used “globally”. But since the rental companies prefer to sell the rights several times, complicated contracts are created which limit the use to certain regions.

Providers such as Netflix or Amazon Video are also obliged to actively block possibilities to circumvent these rules (VPN services) during broadcasting.

How can Geo-IP-blocks be circumvented?

The easiest way to do this is to use a VPN service. VPN services allow you to make an encrypted connection via a VPN location (server) in another country. All your data will be sent and received via this location. You are assigned a local IP address of the location and therefore appear for all visited websites as if you were physically there. An alternative to VPN is Smart DNS, check out services like unlocator:

Free VPN providers?

There are a large number of free VPN services, but I cannot recommend to use them. In many cases the speed or the availability of the locations is not given. Furthermore, the fraud cases by providers which instead of money simply the data of the users as remuneration accumulate. In case of doubt, these can be viewed or even manipulated. Credit cards or other sensitive data would then be unprotected. To avoid these problems it is recommended to rent a service for a few Euros per month, you should use one without logs (

  • Netflix already blocks most VPN providers!
  • Netflix blocks most VPN providers: Error code. m7111-1 M7111-1331-5059
  • Netflix blocks most VPN providers: Error code. m7111-1331-5059 M7111-1331-5059

Many already have the error code: M7111-1331-5059 when they wanted to use Netflix but their own VPN provider was detected and blocked there. The reason for this is that VPN services can be used to bypass geographical blockades, so the copyright holders have obliged Netflix to block them without exception!

  • Amazon Video blocks many VPN services
  • Amazon video error code: 1042 means your VPN provider has already been blocked

Amazon Video, which is also included in Amazon Prime, was also asked by copyright lenders to actively block VPN services to prevent their ability to circumvent geographic restrictions. The error code 1042 is displayed, which means that the IP address of the VPN service used has been blocked.

But Amazon is by far not as successful with it as “Netflix” is with it. So there are still many VPN providers that allow the use of Amazon. I recommend the following providers and describe in the following “step by step” what to do.

Bypass Geo-IP blockades successfully!

As you can see from the instructions, it is very easy to bypass the Geo-IP blockades. It normally only takes a few minutes to implement the necessary steps. The connection speeds should be sufficient to be able to receive video content in very good quality.

But of course, if you are currently in New Zealand and want to access German content, then your data must be sent once around the world. This costs speed and can also lead to interruptions. But it’s not the VPN providers themselves who are responsible for this, but the general Internet connections worldwide.

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