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An Gabon government minister has stated that his state is not going to be put to use as a foundation for committing infringement of copyright , and it has declared that his state may assume the newest Me.Ga domain name. But while Dot Com attributes entertainment company Vivendi and the Us, several hackers say the domain name has been absorbed by them. Talking to TorrentFreak the team state they are the buccaneers that are real and that Dot-Com is a megalomaniac. “He himself is a business , just here to dirty,” they state.

On January 20, 2013 Kim Dot Com is defined to establish the successor to Megaupload, and also a guarantee for this to be much better and larger than before.

In expectation of resistance, Dot-Com formerly disclosed the website would use security to foster the safe-harbor rights of the website. Also, it wouldn’t utilize a .com domain name as these can be captured by the US Government.

But, after declaring less than yesterday the website might make use of the domain name, currently the program has run in to problems from not one-but seemingly two ways.

First, and only hrs ago, came information the Communications Minister of Gabon, the African region where .ga domain names are centered, might be freezing the domain name. Also read China NewYork Times about VPN .

“I ‘ve advised my sections to immediately freeze the website,” declared Communicating Reverend Blaise Louembe.

“Gabon can-not function as a program or display for perpetrating actions aimed at breaking copyrights, nor be employed by dishonest individuals,” the minister stated.

Dotcom’s response was aimed directly in America.

“The range of the United States & Vivendi: Gabon Reverend declared domain name will likely be frozen. Calls cloud-storage website cybercrime,” he published.

The mention of the entertainment company Vivendi uses a Numerama post a week ago which revealed that Gabon Telecom, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the entertainment team administers the TLD of Gabon.

Dot-com added today that Super will start as intended.

“Do not stress. We’ve got an alternate domain name,” he clarified. “This only shows the bad-faith witchhunt the united states government is on.”

But while the risk of a seizure is obvious, what isn’t therefore apparent is what’s occurring to the domain name right today.

For the previous couple of hrs the Me.Ga domain name continues to be leading, via Italy, into a group calling themselves Rr.

From his bit Artwork and Faith, Rr quotation the language of German thinker Max Stirner in a first Tweet from an accounts produced only four hrs past.

“Artwork is the start, the Alpha of religious belief, but it’s also its ending, its Rr,” they create.

Rr are also running from a domain name – – and based on remarks got by TorrentFreak, they may actually get small regard for Dot-Com.

“We are real in a diogenist manner, we are the real buccaneers, the true anarchists,” Rr informed us. “Kim Dotcom is getting benefit of all of US, he’s a megalomaniac with attorneys here to benefit from all of US, the nobodies, the artists he needs to profit from.”

Rr subsequently move to examine Dot-Com to his songs business foe that is aged in the Tune take-down ordeal that is 2011 Huge.

“Kim Dot-Com isn’t better or worse than Common. He himself is a business, just here to contaminate,” Rr include.

The team claims they now command the Me.Ga domain name and have decided to do the unimaginable – market it to Dotcom’s opponents.

“Of program we are going to entertain offers from @KimDotcom’s foes in the countless dollars (or bitcoins) for the domain name,” they create. Bitcoins you get at Bitcoin Penguin Review .

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