PSN Down: Sony Announces Maintenance

PSN down: If you ask yourself on Tuesday or Wednesday morning whether the Playstation Network (PSN) is down, it will probably be up to Sony and not your provider. The manufacturer has announced server maintenance work that will start early in the morning on both days. PSN services will then be limited on Playstation 4 (Pro) and older consoles.

If you like to play a round on Playstation 4 (Pro) before school, work, university or college, or simply have nothing better to do early in the morning, you will have to reckon with a limited range of console functions for a short period of time on 31 July and 01 August. Sony has announced maintenance work on the Playstation Network servers for both Tuesday and Wednesday, which could lead to PSN downtimes.

Pro tip: Secure yourself and buy a VPN for your PS4 at if you haven`t done it already.

PSN down: Limited availability on Tuesday and Wednesday

Maintenance work is planned for both days at 06:00 German time for half an hour until 06:30 – so this shouldn’t lead to too many problems in Germany. As usual, Sony writes about its online services: “During this maintenance, anyone who already has an account can still sign in to their Playstation Network profile, play games and use most applications. However, you won’t have access to Playstation Video, the Playstation Store, Playstation Music, Account Management, Gaming And Social, Playstation Now and Playstation Vue during this maintenance.”

  • If you still want to use your PS4 (Pro) at an early time, Sony recommends that you select it as your primary console in the settings menu before starting maintenance.
  • Thus, “most games should play and third party services should be available”.
  • As always, the times are a guideline and could be longer. If you have any problems in the coming day, check out Sony’s status website.

On autumn it’s too wet, too cold in winter and too warm in summer – gamblers always find a good reason to go for a walk and sit in front of their daddle box. Online games like “Fortnite” in particular provide compelling arguments at any time of day, night or year to keep the controller in your hand. Those who don’t spend a minute without their beloved PS4 online community will have to prove their nerves in the coming days – because Sony is temporarily paralysing the PlayStation Network!

PSN Down: Two failures in a row

On the official status website of the network, the manufacturer announces two dates for maintenance work. The first will take place on 31 July, the second one a day later on 1 August 2018. However, this is no reason to lose your nerve. On the one hand, the temporary outages are scheduled downtimes, each lasting only half an hour. On the other hand, both appointments take place at 6 am and end at 6:30 am. Even the most hard-boiled gamblers might slumber sweetly and blissfully at this unchristian time.

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